October 2018

I will be telling and presenting “The Ego Transformation in Storytelling” workshop here...


I will be performing (mostly in German) at the Weihnachstmarkt in Esslingen from the 27th of November until the 21st of December..

November 2018

Together with Mario C Bauer I have written a short book for searchers of essential thought!

Beautifully illustrated and in both English and German it can be found on Amazon...  Or directly from me via snail mail or after one of my shows...

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Christian Rogers

Storyteller and Performer


Kirsten Ruppel and SWR have made a film about another aspect of my work. It will first be shown on the 10th of December at 18:15.

Please click here..

An audio book in the form of a  download card (sustainable c.d.!) of stories from my repertoire is now available in the shop....

Where Strangers Meet is a collection of tales from the Sufi masters of Persian poetry and ancient Indian wonder tales as well as one of my own stories.


For those of you who bought it I have just added two written stories to the audio book which form a part of a project called Boy Zero. In which I explore childhood moments which make us who we are.


Good News Advent Calendar

We get bad news thrown at us every day. So while I am performing at the Esslingen Weihnachstmarkt this year I will be presenting, at the beginning of my shows, a good news advent calendar.

Here it is...

(and back out again where you find this doorway)

August 2018

This is not quite a newsletter but might well serve as one..


Still hanging around... an old newsletter...

leaving the desert. feb 2018.pdf