“The aim is that every incident, every word, every silence... especially every silence, in a story co-exists.”
(John Berger)

"Christian rides a fast word pony, his audience clinging on to his story from behind, fearing the fall or the push.
The rhythms are crazed like story twigs in a waterfall of words; audiences grasp the air as he shakes his mane, trying to throw us, upset our equilibrium, lands us in a safe space of cathartic realisation."

Keith Pearson, Creative Director, The Theatre Company of Kenya

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From the top:
Esslingen Weihnachtsmarkt
European Green Conference
Steinreich Märchenmarkt
Gelsenkirchener Erzählfesival
Vapiano Convention. Doha, Qatar

For schools: Storytelling sessions for children of both primary and secondary grades would take place over 45 minute sessions of one class per session. The tales will both entertain and enlighten. Concluding with a questions and answers session.

For adults: In intimate situations such as libraries or private rooms and for smaller groups the sessions would last for 60/90 minutes which would include a question and answer session.

For public performance the sessions would be at least 90 minutes and would be stories to entertain and enlighten.

The themes of the stories would be up to the teller but could certainly be discussed beforehand and requested themes or subjects can usually be incorporated.

From the Repertoire

As Strangers Meet.

A journey back in time to the Golden Age of the Persian poets and their travels along the philosophical pathways which explored the ideas of self, truth and love.
This performance lasts between 60 and 90 minutes of stories with chances to question and discuss in between the tales.

The Seller Of Words.

Stories of empowerment. The transformation which takes a hero, who is not yet a hero, over thresholds and, with knowledge gained, along the road to where dreams which are fulfilled.

Folktales from the European Tribes.

A look back at the European folk tales. To the days before two brothers adapted them for a children’s book and a film company reduced them to mere entertainment. These tales return the characters within them to the world they came from. Without the soft corners, sweet music or perfect finger nails. And Jack gets his edge back.

These stories are for any one of any age who is curious and willing to be enchanted by words.

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From the top:
Gelsenkirchener Erzählfestival
Tumaini, Kenya
Sandai Orphanage, Nyeri, Kenya
Gelsenkirchener Erzählfestival
Vapiano Conference, Toscana. Italia