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Der Esslinger Mittelaltermarkt & Weihnachtsmarkt starts today. I will be there every day with the Fleapit Show, Shurifa Theatre and my stories. In German.

Kerstin Otto will be in the Märchenzelt from the 12
th onward with fabulous stories for all ages. Also in German.

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It was a very emotional day. Alongside Mario C. Bauer and accompanied by a huge teddy bear I visited St Annes Hospital in Vienna to give the last copies of the book I had written in collaboration with Mario and a cheque, bigger than the teddy bear, for 10,000€.

We were given a tour of the hospital where, on two of the wards, I told the tale of the Cockerel who loses all he has to a greedy king. But, of course, he gets its back by never giving up and simply being himself. A very Zen story!

I was deeply touched and privileged to have met those children, their parents and the wonderful people who care for them at such difficult times. Once again I went to tell a simple story and returned a different person.

The photographs, thanks to
markus hechenberger,tell the story better than I can.

Lieber Christian Rogers,
noch einmal herzlichen Dank für den gestrigen beglückenden Besuch!
Im unten stehenden Mail ist der Link zu unseren Fotos.
Schöne Grüße aus dem St. Anna, wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen,
Helene Breiteneder-Aigner, MSc
St. Anna Kinderspital
Kinderspitalgasse 6, 1090 Wien
T: *43 1 40170 2223

Here is an article from the Theatre Times about the workshop I facilitated at The Story Moja in Nairobi.